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Anabol Tablets


Brand: British Dispensary

Substance: Methandienone oral

Pack: 1000 tablets (1tab/5mg)

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    Anabol Tablets, 1000 tablets, 5mg, British Dispensary

    This product you can take even if you are beginer of taking steroids or long time steroid user. Effective substance of Anabol tablets 1000 tabs is Methadienone.

    An anabol tablets , it has to be taken orally. It is very effective in synthezing proteins which are required to build muscle mass.

    How it works in the body?

    Methandienone is more effective than a similar quantity of testosterone. It works quickly and sometimes results in water retention. Users can expect to gain as much as 5 kg in a week. The reason it is popular is because it doesn't raise fat levels in the body.

    How long this steroid product stay in my blood? Methadienone persists in blood for 7 weeks.  

    First time taking Anabol 5mg

    Dosage: The normal dosage for first time steroid user is 10 – 50 mg per day.  

    Combinations: We recommend you combination with Testosterone and Stanozolol for your first steroid cycle.

    Anabol tablets side effects:

    Many people have water retention problems. It has to be taken with an anti-estrogen pill for effective function. In women users, a change in voice and growth of facial hair is quite common.

    Long time steroid users:

    Dosage: Most of long time steroid users prefer 50 – 150 mg per day.

    Combinations: We recommend you combination with TrenboloneOxymetholone and Testosterone but depends of what

    Anabol tablets side effects:

    Since it is absorbed quite quickly in the body, gynecomastia is a big problem with high doses.  It also results in abnormal growth of hair, pimples and other issues like oily skin for some. Anabol tablets is quite a strong steroid, users should take it seriously. It could result in dysfunction in serious cases.

    It is always a good choice to speak to your medical health practitioner in order to gain an understanding of its effects on your body. After all, hormonal changes and disorders differ from one person to the other.

    Anabol tablets price is not high compare with Oxandrolone or other steroid substances.

    We offer Anabol tablets for sale in big quantities. Ask our customer service for prices.

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