Dear customers, in near future we will not accept bank transfer anymore so please watch video carefully and start learn how to pay via BITCOIN.


We recommend you to try test order to see how it works.

Main benefit for you to pay by BITCOIN - You do not have to wait 3-5 days for money transfer it is IMMEDIATELY on our account so delivery time is FASTER.

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Here you have some informations about BITCOIN but We are sure you already heard about that and you know what is it ...

Whatis bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency and a decentralized network that can make money transfers anytime, anywhere in the world without waiting for unbeatably low fees.Bitcoin is working on the principle of interconnected client applications that take care of safe transfers and predictable new money creation . No bank or any other institution may oversee the functioning of the system.

The project arose in 2009 when an individual or group of individuals under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto published a document describing the functioning of a new virtual currency, along with the first version of the application that put his ideas into practice. In short, the developer was interested in the project And technological enthusiasts. Besides these, Bitcoin is also interested in businessmen and investors today.

How is working?

The Bitcoin system is an electronic money system in which users communicate with each other in a peer-to-peer way without the existence of central management. This means that it has no central authority behind it. However, there must be a way to verify (verify) transactions so that no one can "just make" new money. Responsibility for state money has a central bank, which has the money production "under control". The good question is under what control.

The Decentralized Bitcoin system is currently gaining increasing popularity, enabling online payments to be made directly from one user to another without the involvement of any financial institution. Digital signatures are used to verify the ownership of Bitcoin. A publicly available, distributed transaction database is used to store and verify transactions. All user transactions are stored in blocks that are linked to each other. These blocks are not created automatically. It creates a miner. Creating a valid block requires great computing power. Each subsequent block increases the validity of the previous blocks and therefore reduces the likelihood that the transactions in the previous blocks will lose their validity. Miner, who has been able to generate a block, gets a deserved remuneration for the computational work. Rewards are completely new Bitcoins. The payout amount is pre-determined and is reduced by half each 210,000 blocks.

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