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Omnadren 250 Jelfa, 250mg / amp


Brand: Poland, Jelfa

Substance: Testosterone blend
30 mg Testosterone Propionate
60 mg Testosterone Phenylpropionate
60 mg Testosterone Isohexanoate
100 mg Testosterone Hexanoate

Pack: 1 ml amp (250 mg/amp)

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    In bodybuilding and powerlifting Omnadren is exclusively used to build up strength and mass. Omnadren amps goes hand in hand with a high anabolic effect which manifests itself in a high strength gain characterized by a liquid accumulation in the joints, an increased pump effect, increased appetite, and a possible improved regeneration of the athlete.

    How It Works In The Body?

    Omnadred steroid is a four-component testosterone. The four different substances work together in such a timely manner that Omnadren

    remains in the body for a long time.Omnadren stays active in the body for about two weeks, it is generally injected on a weekly basis

    How long this steroid product stay in my blood ? Detection time of omnadren is 3 months

    First Time Taking Omnadren

    Dosage: First time steroid user have to be carfull with Omnadren amps. Omnadren dosage is 250 - 500ml per week.


    The most powerful Omnadren 250 jelfa cycle is combined with Dianabol, Androlic-50, and Deca-Durabolin which accelerates the gain in strength, mass, and water retention.

    Omnadred Side Effects

    The side effects of Omnadren are similar to those of other Testosterone compounds. Next to the high water retention or acne. Omnadren suppresses endogenous production tesosterónu. Fluid retention and salt, or the risk of gynecomastia often point to its use. The user can over time by normal androgenic contingent, side effects such as acne, oily skin, aggression, increased hair loss, increase libido, reduce the production of its own hormones. Other side effects depend on the susceptibility of the individual, and are similar to testosterone enanthate, but are not as common, respectively. not so strong. Liver damage is unlikely, however, at very high dosage may be a shift in liver values to normalize themselves after planting.

    Long Time Steroid Users

    Dosage: An acceptable and, recommended Omnadren for "Omnas" users is 500-1000mg/week.

    The best combinations is same as before. Deca, Dianabol or Androlic.

    Side Effect

    Except water retention or acne goes hand in hand increased aggression. An aggressive behavior can mostly be explained by the fact that athletes simply use too high a dosage of Omnadren and too low a dosage of the other (and more expensive) testosterones. The very severe acne, however, is only caused by Omnadren steroid.

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