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Drostanolone propionate, DrostaSam, 100mg/ml



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    Masteron is a synthetic anabolic steroid group with a strong androgen (male) Wirkung.Medizinisch Drostanolone is no longer relevant, but it is misused in the scene weights to increase muscle mass and improve performance.
    The effect is stronger than Masteron shows dihydrotestosterone (DHT). A proportion of the drug that DHT also inactivated by reduction and a 17 ketosteroids excreted in the urine. According to a study by the former manufacturer "Sarva-Syntex" has Drostanolone, selective estrogen receptor modulator similar to an anti-estrogen. In addition, Masteron slightly diuretic (diuretic), because it binds to the aldosterone receptor, is responsible for the water balance in the cells.
    Masteron is a pure androgen and can not be aromatized to estrogen structures, so there is no estrogenic effects. Gynecomastia should be excluded as a side effect, then. Recent studies indicate that Drostanolone - typical of androgens - the ability of some fat cells for lipid (fat storage) inhibited. Physiologically, this occurs by inhibiting signal transduction pathway that normally supports the function of fat cells (adipocytes).

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